When women put their minds together, powerful results come into being. Founded in 2010 by an inspiring group of women, doula services are at the core of the mumda™ experience. Your birth can be calm, peaceful and empowering! Our doulas offer education and emotional support throughout your pregnancy to prepare you for birth. As doulas we believe in the power of education and making informed decisions, and our childbirth education classes include HypnoBirthing®, Prepared Childbirth, Comfort Measures and special event workshops.


Every Woman Deserve a Doula


In today’s ever changing and often complicated healthcare climate it is no surprise that more and more Americans are finding ways to get the support and care necessary in their time of need. Mumda, a ten year old doula agency and North Florida’s first doula agency is changing the narrative when it comes to the attention given to mothers during and after their birth experience. Since being hired in 2016 Creative Culture Media has been trusted to lead digital marketing efforts for the company, increase brand awareness, build a compelling web experience, and drive sales for the modern birth collective.



An Opportunity to Raise Awareness


When we began working with the company we made it a priority to get to know the organization, the industry and its history, but what was most important was taking the time to get to know the customers. We conducted a deep customer analysis to better understand women and their families that make up this industry. In this process we stumbled upon a unique opportunity, a vast network of underserved families for these services was identified in the immediate local market. We had a simple but elusive task, we needed to effectively educate our customers and make them aware of the groups commitment to their birth experience. 

Designing the Customer Experience


For the buildout we started with collaborating with a number of birth and family photographers that were already working within the local birth network. We knew we wanted the brand to feel genuine so we used visuals and language that spoke to the customers birth experience. By strategically designing the online user experience we guided the customer easily to the information they needed and from there to purchase in a simple checkout. The result is a smooth shopping experience for the customer.

Strategies to Drive Revenue 


We increased revenue through digital marketing strategies to directly support the sales efforts of the organization. In order to do so we had to speak the language of our customers and meet their needs. Cross platform social media best practices were deployed to interact with potential customers organically with great success. 


Over the course of 12 months we introduced a number of lead generating strategies, ultimately increasing sales for the organization. SEO best practices were used alongside a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to ensure complete support for the agency. 

Big Impact and Big Return on Investment


As a result of our efforts and ongoing work with the doula agency beginning in 2016 we have seen explosive growth across several areas. We have seen annual sales increases by 120% while also designing processes to work more efficiently. We have seen social media reach increases of over 400%. Organic reach increases of over 200% , and have done so while establishing the Mumda brand as the leading doula agency in North Florida.