Time for an Update 


The purpose of our efforts was to use videos to train airfield professionals on effective repair and replacement techniques. During the 5 day training we were able to spend time with the men and women who service the busy airports of our sunshine state. One of the things we quickly learned from the group was that they wanted the information to be simple and easy to understand, and that they information needed to be easily accessible. We could not have agreed more.

Rethinking the Training Manual


We took a few weeks prior to the training in Orlando to dissect the manual the department had been using at the time. Studied the manual, took in the information, and then began to organize. We looked for where the manual came short and seeked to improve on those areas while sticking to the standard set by the department. 


Producing the Work


Over the next five days we shot over 20 hours of instructor presentations and field trainings on site at Orlando International Airport. Shooting with multiple cameras, microphones, and rigs to fully capture the footage necessary for the trainings. The result was well organized modules the department could quickly have aviation professionals refer to in an array of situations.