Where Heritage & Life is Celebrated


 It is often said that the history of a community is written on the tombstones of its major cemetery. So it is with Evergreen which is the final resting place of Jacksonville, Florida founder, Isaiah D. Hart. Evergreen started over 135 years ago on September 28, 1880 and has since grown to be a unique and memorable Northeast Florida landmark.


Evergreen Cemetery is supported by the largest perpetual trust fund in Florida. 

A Beautiful Walk Through The Cemetery


We weren’t sure what to expect when we arrived at the cemetery for our initial consultation with Evergreen. It was not until we came through the massive front gate of the property supported by huge brick pillars that we began to understand the true vastness of the property. We took time to meet with the staff and tour the grounds and hear about the history of the property. What began as a meeting turned into a history lesson surrounded by acres of greenery. We walked away knowing we had to mirror the rich history of these grounds with rich visuals.

Visuals To Highlight The Natural Beauty



We arrived on production day for the grounds a few hours before sundown loaded up with camera gear, lights, and drones in an attempt to truly highlight the beauty and size of the property. We shot the grounds in its entirety, as well as shot monuments & statues individually. The natural beauty of the grounds spoke for itself, we wanted to reflect that with shooting in natural evening  light. Lastly, we brought out the Drone to do some flyovers over key areas and monuments.

Capturing Over 400 years of Cemetery Service


We decided to shoot the photography of the staff in the Chapel, the backdrop for the portraits would be the stunning stained glass windows that you can find throughout the beautifully constructed building. The results were crisp timeless portraits of the people that make up this wonderful organization. 

A New Look for The Historic Organization


We chad the opportunity to work directly with the web developer to deploy visuals for the site.  We shot our visuals with placement for the buildout in mind across the board. Doing so allowed for a quick deployment of the website,  with great visuals to tell the story of Evergreen Cemetery.



We really enjoyed capturing the history of Evergreen, a true testament that investing in your organizations visuals are a detail that can add immediate value across the board.