The Curators of our Future

We got the call in early 2018 from Catapult Academy and from the moment we heard the opportunity we were eager to serve these students. Catapult Learning is dedicated to providing education solutions that generate demonstrable academic achievement and better life outcomes for students, regardless of the learning barriers or other challenges they may face. Their team of over 5,000 educators works to achieve sustained academic gains and build teacher and leadership capacity through evidence-based programs that include student instruction and family support services, professional development, special education and alternative education programs. 


Over 45 Private Day Schools

40 + year Organization History

Over 200,000 Students Served Nationwide

Celebrating Achievement by Any Means Necessary

We took some time to sit with organization and key staff members to get a thorough understanding of what we were looking to accomplish here. What we learned was that we had a great opportunity to not only service the organization in a unique manner but also celebrate these underserved youth students in a way they had not been served before.


After a time of deep analysis and lots of listening we established that there were a few ways we could add value to one of the largest employers of teachers in the country. We narrowed it down to these specific deliverables :


Create a Regional Yearbook Showcasing Graduating Seniors For The First Time from Southeast Locations

Build an Online Portal for Students to Access, Order, & Print their Graduation Pictures

Design Supporting Marketing Materials to Showcase Graduating Seniors

The Challenges & Opportunities Ahead


There were a few “obstacles” that we identified upon being brought on by the organization. First off,we understood that there was no history of successfully executing materials like this in the past so we had to build our processes from scratch. There was not at the time a marketing team in place to be able to execute this  project across all of the regional locations. In addition, there was the fact that the end of the school year was very quickly approaching and soon these high school hopefuls would be ‘real world” bound. 


With the school year is almost over we knew we had to hit the road. In two weeks we visited 3 states, 7 cities, 9 schools, and photographed over 200+ graduating seniors


In the midst of coordinating the logistics alongside the organization we identified a huge opportunity to showcase the result of the hard work and resources put into these students. 

Custom Web Portal for Photography Access


With the end of the school year quickly approaching we knew we had to act fast. We custom built a simple online portal for parents and students to access and order prints online. 

For even quicker access we uploaded pictures within 24 – 48 hours of visiting the school for previewing. 

Along the Way We Found A Lot to Celebrate 


We can say that we say we gave the students of Catapult Academy a great experience for the first time. What is more important to say is that we served in a capacity we had never had before and were given the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of those students and their families. We are absolutely thankful for the opportunity to work with Catapult Academy and to deliver a powerful set of tools in their recruitment and retention efforts for the organization. 

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